Working within a hospital environment is always eventful and brings to the forefront the vulnerabilities of the human body and mind.

I am very lucky as I work in an office and am away from the wards and intensive care units. Some of our co-workers though haven’t been as fortunate and have been constantly at risk of being struck down with the Covid 19 Corona virus and some indeed ended up very seriously ill.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who worked and put themselves at risk in the hope of helping others.

To those who lost loved ones, the tragic loss you feel, i hope that wound repairs through time with the help of joyous memories of those that you have lost.

To those who were struck with covid 19, I wish you all a full recovery.

And to those who are suffering with anxiety and stress.. to those who lost jobs.. I hope you have a brighter day dawning in front of you and may your worries ease and your situation improve.

I am worried still about the virus, even though it has eased in Ireland at the moment. I choose to wear a 3 layer mask. It still feels strange but in a sense, i feel safer.

Try to help others in all small ways possible. Try to be understanding. Everyone is suffering in so many different ways. I wish you all the very best of all that is good.


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