The value of books – old and new

So many of us are clearing out – making space for our minds – and for new books. Unfortunately, upon tidying away my late mothers cookery books (she was an amazing cook), the bag of books was mistaken as part of a batch to be brought to the charity shop. This, I must admit, fillsContinue reading “The value of books – old and new”

Restictions…. or opportunities… Time to get creative and avail of the local craftspeople in your region.

In this present time, many of us across the world are restricted to travelling within a certain radius of our residence and with a certain busy shopping period just upon us and the worries of having ‘the perfect gift’ ready for our loved ones at Christmas, some are becoming pretty creative at coming up withContinue reading “Restictions…. or opportunities… Time to get creative and avail of the local craftspeople in your region.”

Something that you always wanted to do?

Was there ever something that you always wanted to do or try? I hope this article helps inspire you. What has stopped you? Family commitments? Work? Schedule? Money? Fear of not being any good at it? Or maybe you think it’s something that you cant start now because you think you are too old toContinue reading “Something that you always wanted to do?”

Treasure those around you

It speaks volumes about the persona of a young 23 year old man when 100’s who knew him, are sadly struck by the loss of the tragic and sudden end to a wonderful life.All those from the youngest to those over 80 years old all knew Lewis for his friendly manner, banter, happy spirit, wonderfulContinue reading “Treasure those around you”

Inspiring book – Higher Call

Have you ever read a book that has inspired you in some way? A book – a story that you will never forget?I read a book called A Higher Call. It’s an incredible true story about human decency and honour between ‘enemies’ Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown. A story that would never have been toldContinue reading “Inspiring book – Higher Call”

Interview With An Author – Kim Rylee

I am thrilled to say that the wonderful Kim Rylee ( has set time from her busy schedule to answer my questions about writing, publishing, advice, fairy garden and other hobbies.I have met Kim a few times now – and although it wasn’t writing that brought us together, it was Kim who encouraged me toContinue reading “Interview With An Author – Kim Rylee”

Catchup Time

Good day to you all. I hope you are all safe and well. As a healthcare worker, I have been very preoccupied during this Covid 19 virus time. It’s a very serious time. For those of you who have spare time at the moment, try to use it for as much positive things as youContinue reading “Catchup Time”

Interviewing Authors

I am currently compiling a list of questions to interview the wonderful German author of the Fated Shadow series, Kim Rylee who has kindly agreed to be interviewed and will take time out of her busy schedule to answer them. It’s very interesting to compile the questions because it triggers me to think of theContinue reading “Interviewing Authors”