Something that you always wanted to do?

Was there ever something that you always wanted to do or try? I hope this article helps inspire you.

What has stopped you? Family commitments? Work? Schedule? Money? Fear of not being any good at it? Or maybe you think it’s something that you cant start now because you think you are too old to start?

My dear sweet Father was in the hospital 13 years ago having a small procedure done on his eye and while visiting him – the topic of music came up in conversation.

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play the banjo” he said.

It took me by surprise – I never knew this, and it turned out, neither did my Mother – and they were a very close couple – best friends in love.

So I asked him, if i bought him a banjo, would he learn? Immediately, he said he didn’t want to go to a teacher – I think he was too embarrassed.
My Dad had never had an opportunity to play an instrument in his life and this was just a number of weeks before his 71st birthday. So, I suggested that I buy him a tutorial dvd and book and show him some basics (from some of the guitar learning that I had)
One of the very many things that my parents did for us as kids – was to send us to music teachers and encourage us to learn. I got to learn guitar, tin whistle and piano.

I wrote out some notes and showed him how to read them. He practised daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

Now, thirteen years later, he plays every day. Even at night when he cant sleep.

He says it really helped him after my beautiful Mother passed away. It gave him great peace and focus. Now, we play music together every weekend. It has helped us both in many ways.

He put his desire and wish on hold, for us, his family and put our needs and want ahead of his.

It’s never too late to try. I know my Dad doesn’t regret trying.

If you want to, and can find a way to do something, please try – you wont know what doors will open unless you try. The worst thing is to regret not trying or doing.

Best wishes,


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