Writing tips – creative exercise

The last couple of exercises that I did for myself, were the description of the approach to a house in both sinister and a nice approach and then the entering of the house. I found once again, some pictures of the inside of a house that really appealed to me. The sinister description wasn’t soContinue reading “Writing tips – creative exercise”

Writing tips – writing exercise

Jeff Goins and many others seem to suggest writing regularly – preferably every day. A busy schedule means that daily writing isn’t always possible. In order to keep to regular writing – I have devised a little exercise for myself. I wanted to start a story with an approach to a house. In order toContinue reading “Writing tips – writing exercise”

Writing tips – set a daily word count

This is a tip I have seen regularly online. Again, at the moment, I am working these from Jeff Goins top tips.For me, this would be a word count for every 2nd day. I work a 40 hour week as well as other things so if you can’t set a daily word count – myContinue reading “Writing tips – set a daily word count”

James Joyce tribute

As today is the 81st anniversary of the passing of the great James Joyce, and seeing that I live in Dublin, I thought I would type a quote from his book “Dubliners”. I purchased my copy of “Dubliners” whilst on holiday in the library shop in Irvine, Orange County, California of all places. “Her nameContinue reading “James Joyce tribute”

Writing tips – write in the same place every time

This is step 4 of Jeff Goins 10 writing tips. His suggestion is that it should be a place separate from other activities. I guess this makes sense so that you can get focused. I like the idea of having a really nice notebook – or if its a plain notebook or copybook – puttingContinue reading “Writing tips – write in the same place every time”

Writing tips – set a time to work on your writing every day This is actually step 3 of Jeff Goins 10 tips – but for me, I’m going to make it step 2. At present – choosing a time, is more beneficial for me than choosing numbers of words per day. My daily routinesContinue reading