The value of books – old and new

So many of us are clearing out – making space for our minds – and for new books.

Unfortunately, upon tidying away my late mothers cookery books (she was an amazing cook), the bag of books was mistaken as part of a batch to be brought to the charity shop. This, I must admit, fills me with sorrow.
I am by no means a good cook or chef but I do have fond memories of some incredible dishes that my mother used to make and when speaking with others who have great cooking skills – I mention my mothers amazing dishes to them and would love to be able to share those recipes with them. I will have to purchase a copy of one of these books and will delight in sharing the recipes once again.

There are still some books in the house that need to be passed on for others to use.
I would love to send them on a journey to find new and appreciative owners.

There seems to be a great skill in managing what is for keeping and what is for moving out of our lives. This is a skill that I have not yet mastered by any stretch of the imagination.


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