Restictions…. or opportunities… Time to get creative and avail of the local craftspeople in your region.

In this present time, many of us across the world are restricted to travelling within a certain radius of our residence and with a certain busy shopping period just upon us and the worries of having ‘the perfect gift’ ready for our loved ones at Christmas, some are becoming pretty creative at coming up with ideas.

There is a wonderful opportunity at the moment to find and turn to local craftspeople as well as coming up with gifts that might be a little more creative and personalised than we would have previously obtained.

I, for one, am toying around with ideas which mean using a local leathercraft worker Phil – owner of Phily’s Crafts – the idea is to talk to him about getting a belt made for my Father which would be a great support for his weary 84 year old back.

Crafty Lilly’s – I’ve ordered a couple of her wonderful chocolate biscuit puddings as gifts.
I gave some as gifts last year and have been hounded since to see if I will be able to get more! She is on both Facebook and Instagram – her celebration cakes are absolutely amazing and taste divine. But be warned, you have to book early as she is in very high demand.

Lbhprintdesign is another – her work is wonderful and beautifully personalised. She can be contacted through Instagram.

I also love the items in a little shop in Cork called The Woodsman’s Realm. I may look there for a few gifts for myself 🙂

Another idea is to get a diary for next year and print out images, quotes, photos and perhaps a few recopies and personalise it for a friend.

Another is to have personalised calendars made with all of my friends favourite photos.

Creating a small basket filled with wonderful personalised ideas to be treasured and enjoyed.

I am also using a page on Facebook called Shop in Ireland. It is a place for the small businesses and craftspeople of Ireland to advertise their wonderful work. A brilliant platform for them to demonstrate their abilities and talents.
Gifts that cost time to create and give to the local communities or smaller businesses.

The joy of giving a good gift which will be cherished and enjoyed…. great lasting memories – treasured for a lifetime.

All of this is wonderfully healthy and a good way forward.

Please feel free to share your ideas so that others can see them and enjoy them as well.


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