Writing tips – creative exercise

The last couple of exercises that I did for myself, were the description of the approach to a house in both sinister and a nice approach and then the entering of the house. I found once again, some pictures of the inside of a house that really appealed to me. The sinister description wasn’t so easy as the pictures of the house were very warming to look at.
Another exercise that I am going to try is to pick a line from a book – any book. I’m going to let it fall open to a random page and the first full line on the page on the right is the line that i will start a paragraph on it.
The book I have chosen from a shelf here in the house is called Sleeping Beauties by Jo Spain. It fell open at a page where the 1st line on the right hand page is “You crazy kids”, Tom said. So I guess that’s the start of my next exercise.
I’m really enjoying these little exercises and am open to ideas if anyone has any.


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