Writing tips – writing exercise

Jeff Goins and many others seem to suggest writing regularly – preferably every day.
A busy schedule means that daily writing isn’t always possible.
In order to keep to regular writing – I have devised a little exercise for myself.
I wanted to start a story with an approach to a house. In order to do this I found images of certain houses that really appealed. I wrote 2 different types of description – one warm, and one slightly sinister. My next exercise will be to describe entering the house in both different manners.


5 thoughts on “Writing tips – writing exercise

  1. Writing regularly also helps to set yourself up to become a professional. Publishers and Editors need to know they can depend on you being able to produce product or rewrites on schedule.

    Building a blog also requires regular (or at least frequent) postings, in order to accumulate a following– and possibly monetize a blog after awhile. (I have to confess to being slack on this one myself.)

    Regular schedule helps to avoid writer’s block after awhile, because your brain is used to the activity.

    Think of it as working out at a gym: If you go every week or few days, you can do more during your workouts over time, and it’s not as painful for your muscles afterwards.

    Your brain is a muscle, and writing uses specific muscles. If you don’t stretch that part of your brain and keep it used to writing, you will be more prone to writer’s block (weak muscle) and not be as productive as easily (be less likely to write as many words in the same length of time).

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    1. I’m a beginner at blogging and apologise for not realising you’d replied to my post.
      Great advice given, thank you. Makes so much sense as well.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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